EPSCO delivers the highest standards in water system cleanliness and performance. Our clients operate in some of the most challenging industrial environments where water safety is vital to occupational health, compliance and productivity. At EPSCO we recognise these challenges, the effectiveness and speed of the solutions we deliver are unique to the sectors in which we operate. Through a combination of innovative techniques and highly trained staff we are able to identify and eliminate key issues associated with industrial and potable water systems.

Company History

EPSCO has an outstanding record of customer service throughout its 20 year history and takes pride in re-defined standards for cleanliness and safety of water systems. The company initially formed to provide the water industry with a service that would meet stringent guidelines for the disinfection of public water supply. We continue to work on many large scale infrastructure commissioning and maintenance projects.

This capability was quickly recognised by the Offshore and Marine sector, with a need for similar solutions to be delivered in more challenging operating environments. By consistently re-instating potable water systems to a safe and clean condition, with no impact on production, EPSCO has built a reputation as the premier contractor across the North Sea.

EPSCO has become an invaluable part of industrial cooling system maintenance over the last 15 years. A wide range of industrial operators from whisky distilleries through to some of Europe’s largest power stations rely on our cleaning processes to ensure the safety and performance of their cooling systems.

Service Delivery

Our services are underpinned by a detailed knowledge of water systems and a chemical cleaning methodology which delivers a level of system cleanliness previously considered unattainable. The results of our work are consistently verified by scientific analysis and applied performance monitoring.

Through bases in Perth, UK and Stavanger, Norway EPSCO operates mobile equipment units and project teams, providing a European wide service with short lead times. All work is overseen by dedicated project managers who co-ordinate teams of highly trained and safety conscious operatives, delivering projects to an exacting standard.