Management Systems


EPSCO is committed to delivering a consistent and outstanding service. Our aim is to exceed client expectations through the quality and uniformity of our processes whilst ensuring a strong safety culture instilled in our staff and work routines. Focus on this aim enables EPSCO to continually provide highly specialised solutions, industry leading risk control measures, along with significant reductions in process inefficiency and waste.

Our strong application of best practice and continuous improvement are promoted by an integrated management system which underpins all of EPSCO’s key business processes. The primary functions are; as followss...


Operational & Quality Management

The pursuit of excellence is a constant endeavour at EPSCO. Our processes are both internally and externally audited and verified on a regular basis to meet the highest regulatory and client standards. Equally important is our culture of openness and critical feedback; challenge to the norm is encouraged and ensures on-going improvements and service extensions.

EPSCO's commitment to high standards and continuous improvement is demonstrated in our ISO9001:2008 accreditation and clearly communicated in our Quality Policy

Operational & Quality Management - ISO 9001.pdf 

Operational & Quality Management - LCA Certificate.pdf

Operational & Quality Management - LCA Statement of Compliance.pdf

Operational & Quality Management - Quality Policy.pdf

Operational & Quality Management - LCA Code of Conduct.pdf



Safety Management

EPSCO's primary commitment is to the safety of staff, clients and members of the public. This ethos of safe working is reflected in the attitude of our staff and throughout the training, procedures and equipment utilised. Safety is also at the core of our product and service innovation which continues to reduce the risk associated with the often hazardous working environments.

The EPSCO Safety Policy demonstrates our commitment to safe working which is also reflected in ISO14001:2008 accreditation coupled with an excellent safety record.

Safety Management - H&S Policy.pdf

Safety Management - OHSAS 18001.pdf


Environmental Management

Through internal working practices and the service delivery, EPSCO is constantly improving environmental performance. This positive impact is demonstrated by our clients in the dramatic reduction in water usage in the offshore and marine sector, right through to improved cooling performance in onshore industrial processes. Significant investment in a recent refurbishment of our Perth HQ has seen us move towards to a carbon neutral operation.

A full overview of the EPSCO's commitment to Environmental performance can be found in our Environmental Policy.

Environmental Policy.pdf


 Environmental Policy

Environmental Management - ISO 14001.pdf


Accreditations and Approvals

Our culture of excellence and improvement is a source of pride for the EPSCO team and the key attribute in our ability to delivering safe and effective solutions to many of the world's leading industrial companies. This is recognised externally by an array of industry approvals, certifications and accreditations.

 Operational & Quality Management - Achilles UVDB Cert.pdf


Corporate Responsibility

EPSCO is comitted to integration of business operations and values, whereby the interests of all stakeholders including investors, customers, employees, the community and the environment are reflected in the company's policies and actions.

Our CSR policy applies throughout all operations and governs our approach to all our business activities. In implementing this policy we aim to be responsible and to demonstrate good practice.

We also maintain detailed policies and procedures covering prevention of bribery.

 Corporate Social Responsibility Policy.pdf