• EPSCO Looks Forward to VGB Congress

    EPSCO Looks Forward to VGB Congress Posted on 13/08/2014


    Preparation has begun for this year’s Chemistry in Power Plants Congress event hosted by VGB with this year’s event is to be held in the Design Centre, Linz, Austria. EPSCO has been prominent exhibitors at VGB events for the past five years, presenting alongside many other leading names in Water Treatment and Cooling Systems industry.

    Last year EPSCO unveiled its PackScan® device, providing a hand on opportunity for industry specialists, to witness the 3D inspection method and interactive models produced by PackScan®. A detailed technical breakdown of the Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) provided an insight into the bespoke features on board. PackScan® is quickly spreading throughout the UK and is becoming widely accepted as best practise across industrial cooling towers as part of Legionella Control.

    Power Station operators are especially interested in regular inspections to maintain and trend fouling and deposit build ups over time. With the PackScan® uptake increasing across EU countries, this year’s exhibition will focus on asset integrity, cooling loop efficiency and inspection methods to allow for enhanced decision making.