• Offshore Water CBT Package - AVAILABLE NOW!

    Offshore Water CBT Package - AVAILABLE NOW! Posted on 11/08/2015

    The start of this week signalled the publication and launch of the first module of EPSCO's new computer based training (CBT) covering Potable Water Management & Legionella Awareness on offshore installations.

    The module provides offshore specific and highly relevent coverage, using modern animated e-learning graphics matching theory with practical operations on installations. It is designed to deliver awareness level content for personnel of all positions, but with the depth of enhanced material far exceeding the generic offerings in the marketplace.  

    The package of modules has been universally welcomed by technical authorities from oil & gas operators, with excellent reviews from all those who have sampled so far. As well as offering a more robust and detailed option for awareness level training, the coverage has also been designed to act as a introductory module for those personnel and responsible persons requiring more in-depth coverage.

    Follow-on modules in the suite, including more detailed a topic on Quality Standards and Compliance is due for release very soon, complemented with a similarly practical and detailed module for technical staff and system operators in the final quarter of 2015.

    Potable Water is consistently identified as an area where issues frequently cause significant but avoidable disruption to offshore operations. With further more technical module to be published soon, the suite as a whole promises to offers a real opportunity to help improve competence of offshore personnel with regard potable water, while also cutting back on the need for classroom training onshore.

    The training is currently hosted via Oilennium on their web-based learning management system (LMS)

    More information can be found on via www.offshorewatertraining.com , the section on this website, or by contacting your local Epsco office.