• EPSCO Gears up for Rescue

    EPSCO Gears up for Rescue Posted on 24.07.2015

    As part of our commitment to continual improvement of operational health and safety, EPSCO has now put in place measures to provide our own dedicated and fully equipped confined space emergency response teams (ERT) for internal use.  This is in response to client requirements for inclusive rescue team provision during tank entry workscopes, and also recent instances of 3rd party specilaists failing to provide support required.

    HSE ACOP L101 has long made it insufficent to rely on the emergency services alone or in the first instance to provide emergncy rescue from a 'Confined Space', however the requirement is now being manadated on marine vessels previously not bound by the code. 

    The need for this coverage is now an important day-to-day operation in the Marine sector, with our addition not just a boost for safety, but also for the flexibility of our operations to meet vessel operator needs.  Our overall service package provided to clients makes EPSCO fully self-sufficent when it comes to completing tank entry and cleaning scopes, with no additional requirement  for specilaist gas-free technician/chemists or specilist ERT service contractors.  

    This ancillary service is now available for vessel operators and other clients on request.