• Introducing Medi-Shower!!

    Introducing Medi-Shower!! Posted on 18.06.2015

    A new innovation designed to combat bacterial contamination within sensitive potable water systems.  EPSCO have partnered with Multishower GB Ltd to bring the Medi-Shower to a whole new area.



    • Medi-Shower has Biomaster Silver Ion Technology built into the complete product. The antibacterial material cannot be washed or scratched off the product and will remain fully active for the lifetime of the product.   Biomaster has been proven to reduce harmful bacteria such as Pseudomonas, Legionella and MRSA by up to 99.99%. Supportive evidence is available.

    Cost Effective:

    • The “Medi-Flush” insert is much less expensive to replace than an entire standard shower head and has a five year warranty and a 5 year guarantee against limescale clogging when inserts are replaced on a quarterly basis.

    Time Saving:

    • Inserts can be replaced in seconds, saving many man hours in maintenance and cleaning.


    • There is ZERO WASTE over the five year Medi-Shower lifetime.  The used “Medi-Flush” insert is returned to the manufacturer for recycling into other anti-microbial items such as stationary, thereby substantially extending the life cycle of the Medi-Shower head and dramatically reducing the cost of a replacement. This reduces expenditure on both replacement shower heads and landfill costs.