• PackScan

    PackScan Posted on 26/03/2013

    EPSCO is proud to introduce the ground-breaking PackScan™ method for cooling tower inspection and condition monitoring to ensure optimum, performance safety and asset integrity in fill pack.

    The condition of pack is critical to the safe and effective operation of cooling systems. Deposit build up will reduce cooling performance, encourage exponential fouling and eventually threaten the structure of the tower. Traditional monitoring methods often provide insufficient data for responsible persons to implement appropriate controls and effectively manage the system.

    PackScan addresses these issues by providing a rapid, detailed and accurate assessment of the entire cooling tower pack. The detailed 3D model output enables trending of pack condition against cooling performance and identifies areas for targeted cleaning and maintenance. See sample output below.

    Project Manager, Robin McNair who led the development process explains- “With more than 15 year’s experience of cooling tower inspection and cleaning, we were aware even the most detailed inspection did not provide the level of detail required to enable clients to fully understand their cooling tower. The PackScan output report gives our clients an exceptional insight in to the condition of the asset and the ability to make informed decisions on the maintenance and performance of the towers. By reducing the need to put teams on to the pack we have also mitigated one of the key risks associated with cooling tower entry.”

    A number of major UK and European industrial sites have adopted this innovative approach to condition monitoring. To find out how PackScan can help your cooling tower operation contact us on +44 (0)1738 446363 or info@epsco.co.uk

    This model shows a cross section of a 100m diameter parabolic tower at 1.5m pack depth. The strongest colours bottom right indicate heaviest density of deposits/fouling.