• Packscan

    Packscan Posted on 04.06.15


    EPSCO’s pioneering inspection technology, PackScan, has continued to be a success within the power generation and industrial sector.

    EPSCO’s current clients are utilising this inspection method to gain a full understanding of the condition of their cooling towers and the information gained forms a vital part of their cooling tower management scheme. The PackScan units and technology have also been on display in many trade shows such as VGB Powertech and BIAPWS symposiums to increase the market visibility of the brand.

    The PackScan units have undergone a recent facelift to optimise their aesthetics and performance to ensure that they are capable of tackling all tower conditions.

    The upgrades include modified tracks, upgraded camera technology, additional lighting to allow observation of pack integrity along with a custom coating compound for the main unit to reduce the possibility of external interference.

    The hardware updates have also been complimented by an update to the processing software to allow faster and easier 3D modelling along with a change in the illustration of towers with very light deposits present.

    These upgrades ensure that the PackScan inspection procedure continues to lead the field in cooling tower inspection, providing an unparalleled insight into cooling tower pack condition and allowing informed decisions to be made on the ongoing operation of the system.