Process Overview

Optimising cooling tower performance, safety and asset integrity

The condition of pack is critical to the safe and effective operation of cooling systems. Deposit build up will reduce cooling performance, encourage exponential fouling and eventually threaten the structure of the tower. These deposits can also promote the growth of harmful bacteria, including Legionella, in the cooling system. By monitoring build-up of deposits and reviewing detailed performance data, it is possible to implement a tailored cycle for cleaning and disinfection.

The EPSCO management cycle is designed to enhance control of the cooling system with significant operational benefits;

• Provide an unparalleled insight into cooling tower fill pack condition and asset integrity

• Enable detailed trending of pack condition against cooling performance

• Adopt a cycle of cleaning and disinfection to ensure effective preventative maintenance

• Meet and exceed regulatory compliance requirements

EPSCO Management Cycle


EPSCO’s patented PackScan method combined with Endoscopic images, provides an exceptional insight in to the condition of fill pack. Routine inspection supplies data to ensure safety, compliance and performance.

Periodic review of inspection results and operational data allows clients to benefits from EPSCO’s expertise in cooling system condition; identifying opportunities to improve performance through maintenance and cleaning.

By cleaning fill pack quickly and thoroughly in situ the operational impact is greatly reduced. EPSCO’s unique chemical cleaning process has been successfully delivered for more than 10 years with outstanding results.