Process overview

Ensuring potable water system safety and cleanliness

The supply and storage of safe potable water is critical to sustaining man-power and operation in the offshore and marine environment. Operating conditions, logistics and bunkering present a number of challenges to the supply of safe drinking water. By implementing an effective management regime, coupled with innovative cleaning processes it is possible to significantly reduce the threat of unsafe water.

EPSCO’s offshore water management cycle has been designed to deliver key safety and operational benefits;

• Identify, manage and remove potential causes of water contamination

• Mitigate a significant threat to occupational health and safety

• End to end safety of water supply with minimal operational disruption

• Cleaning performed with a fraction of the resource of traditional flushing methods

EPSCO Management Cycle


Over a number of years EPSCO has developed innovative methods to treat common issues in the UK water industry. These solutions include the removal of hydrocarbon contamination, re-conditioning of filters and remediation of boreholes

Operational controls play a vital role in maintaining good quality potable. EPSCO provides solutions and advice for the routine operation and maintenance of systems which should be incorporated into a potable water management scheme to ensure a safe and uninterrupted supply.

By maintaining the cleanliness of a potable water system, the potential for major associated impacts such as bacteria growth and legionella can be mitigated. EPSCO's unique chemical cleaning process delivers rapid, outstanding results which are not achievable through traditional methods.