Marine & Offshore

Design & Build

New System Design Consultation

EPSCO work with a number of clients with installations and vessels in the design phase and are able to offer advice and guidance on how aspects will impact upon in-service water management and hygiene.

Implementation & Advice of System Modifications

Despite the best of efforts often operational parameters and other design modifications during building will result in water quality issues during operation. Where system design issues are identified as the root cause of water quality problems it is often necessary to implement adjustments, modifications and/or replace components.

Proportional Dosing Solutions

Using EPSCO’s extensive experience with chemical treatment of water systems


Water System Operation

Legionella/Water Quality Risk Assessment

Large scale potable water systems in industrial environments can make potable water quality difficult to manage, and can create significant risks of water borne bacteria and pathogens such as Legionella.  An assessment of the risks posed by legionella is a basic requirement for all hot and cold water systems on all offshore installations.

EPSCO provides industry leading risk assessments in line with BS8580:2010 that meet with the requirements of United Kingdom’s HSE ACOP L8, UK Oil & Gas, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health, and The Water Management Society Guidance. EPSCO are also an Approved Service Provider under the Legionella Control Association for this type of work.   

Our aim is to provide an assessment process and outputs that are not just a tick in the box, with the process focussing on the key factors that influence water quality in terms of practical operation and use, as well as system management. Our vast experience on installations and on vessels ensures our advice will always be presented with practical implementation in mind.

Water Management Manuals & Documentation

Maintaining on-board water quality will normally involve a number of different actions from many parties on-board an installation or vessel.  EPSCO can provide outline structures or work to provide documentation tailored to the particular needs of the client. We have a track record in the development and provision of bespoke documentation with major worldwide organisations at company level, along with individual asset specific management schemes and procedures.  

While providing top quality client documentation solutions, EPSCO is also increasingly moving a lot of system administration into electronic platforms to allow better management and sharing of information. This is particularly useful for areas such as potable water logbooks. 

System Operating Procedures

Like all tasks required to be completed on-board offshore installations and vessels, it is important to ensure consistency, accuracy and good communication in an environment where personnel are working shifts and rotating on and off at different intervals. Plans and procedures need to be determined that cover all practical and regulatory aspects to ensure water system components are operating correctly, routine activities are completed in a controlled manner and system performance is regularly reviewed.    

Potable water is no different, and EPSCO can help develop and improve procedures as required.

Regulatory Compliance and Advice

EPSCO's specialism in the water environment enables our staff to hold a very high degree of familiarity and knowledge regarding the regulations. Our in-depth knowledge covers not just all sectors of the North Sea area, but also many regimes around the world such as the US.

Water Management Training Scheme

Water management is not something that should be tagged onto a daily task list with no explanation or background. Because the system stretches to all areas of the vessel or installation many parties will often be involved in operating and managing the system. Water quality also has a potential impact upon all persons on board and it is often very easy to get personnel actively involved in system management activities. EPSCO can provide tailored water management training, taking into account the particular system, targeted to the individual personnel onboard who have an area of responisibility for potable water.

Routine Monitoring & Sampling

EPSCO uses partners at some of the world’s leading water and microbiological laboratories to provide periodic water sample analysis suites. This can include routine samples for microbiological, legionella, harmful hydrocarbon compounds along with full chemical suites as required. In addition, periodic checks and routine monitoring of the water system is also very important. This can often be managed in-house by the operator or crew however, it is often very useful to incorporate this data into an electronic logbook platform that can be provided by EPSCO, and accessed along with other system information.

Problem Solving & System Investigations

EPSCO have dealt with many hundreds of systems in the past, and because of this we are able to draw on these experiences to identify the root cause and solve issues that cannot be immediately explained by internal investigations.


Maintenance & Cleanliness

Annual Inspections

Required as part of a reactive maintenance strategy and as part of the regulations generally, EPSCO can provide inspection services covering hygiene and performance of the water system, with in-depth documented outputs.

Cleaning & Disinfection

Maintaining a water system clean and free from deposits is a critical element of water management. This is mandated by the regulations but can often be difficult to implement effectively and without undue impacts on operations. The EPSolve System is a unique chemical treatment methodology that simultaneously cleans and disinfects using a sprayed application, and cleans the pipework and whole system with only 5-6 hours out-of-service time. It is quick and hugely effective when contrasted with traditional means.

Scale Removal

This is a problem that we often have to counter that occurs due to Calcium content in hard water areas. These treatments can be carried out as required very simply where artificial softening of the water is not sufficiently effective.

Hydrocarbon Decontamination

EPSCO have for a number of years been able offer highly specialised site specific chemical decontamination processes for when unplanned events in plant areas or on-board vessels introduce foreign substances to the potable water system. This has most frequently been as a result of fuel or oil contaminants but has also included other foreign substances.

Routine Component Maintenance

Potable Water Systems can involve a number of different complex mechanical, chemical and biological components that work together to deliver a high quality supply. These must be installed correctly and maintained regularly to ensure they function as designed.

Emergency Packages

Due to the criticality of the water supply offshore or on-board vessels, it is wise to carry a potable water lifeline. This can take the form of filters or even temporary facilities to bridge the gap until the system can be restored to useable condition.