Process Overview

Highly effective mains water infrastructure cleaning & disinfection


Ensuring the constant supply of high quality drinking water presents a number of challenges to undertakers, in particular maintaining cleanliness of the extensive infrastructure required for municipal water supply.

At key points in the lifecycle of supply mains and reservoirs it is necessary to clean or remediate these assets to the highest possible standard. Large system volumes and deposit build up can make Chlorination impractical and ineffective.

The EPSolve system has been specifically developed by EPSCO to provide fast, effective cleaning and disinfection for water infrastructure throughout the operational lifespan. The benefits of this innovative approach include-

• Ability to kill bacteria and pathogens where Chlorine does not work

• Safe & non-polluting to discharge

• Cleaning performed with a fraction of the resource of traditional flushing methods

• Systems and chemical agents fully approved under DWI /DWQR requirements

• Outstanding cleaning results without the need for pressure jetting and scrubbing

EPSCO Management Cycle


Pre-commissioning disinfection of newly laid water mains, pumping stations, treatment works, clear water tanks and reservoirs of all types and sizes. The EPSolve method is proven to deliver 100% success and is accepted as environmentally superior alternative to traditional approaches.

The EPSolve system is unique in it’s ability to completely clean and remove deposits from storage vessel surfaces while also providing a simultaneous disinfection. This process greatly reduces the time taken to undertake periodic clean.

Over a number of years EPSCO has developed innovative methods to treat common issues in the UK water industry. These solutions include the removal of hydrocarbon contamination, re-conditioning of filters and remediation of boreholes